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Vendors & Operators

Welcome to the Vendors & Operators Information page. If you’re thinking of exhibiting at the Townsville Show, browse through the documents attached to get your application started! 


The Townsville Agricultural Show will be run in conjunction with any COVID-19 requirements applicable at the time.

How do I become an Vendor?


If you have the right product and would like to have a site at the Townsville Show, then follow these easy steps below.


1. Download the Terms and Conditions of Space Usage
2. Download a Space Application form 
3. Complete & sign your space application & return it to the Townsville Show Society

4. Please include a copy of your Public Liability Certificate of Currency & Food Vendor License.

Details on cost, site location etc is all outlined on the Space Application Form for you.

I need some help  with my Space Application...

Fill out your details below and one of our staff will contact you about our Townsville Show Space Applications.

Your details were sent successfully!

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