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The 2022 Townsville Agricultural Show will be run in conjunction with any COVID-19 requirements applicable at the time.


Patrons must follow these rules: 

1.  Do not come to the Townsville Show if you are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms similar to COVID-19.

2.  Register your arrival using the QR code provided or sign the COVID-19 arrival register. 

3.  Adhere to physical distancing requirements i.e. remain 1.5m apart from people not from your same household.

4.  Wear masks if you cannot adhere to the physical distancing requirement.

5.  Sanitize hands frequently.

6.  Sit down to eat and drink. 

7.  Adhere to maximum capacity signs when entering buildings.

8.  Leave the showgrounds if you feel unwell throughout the day or start to exhibit symptoms similar to COVID-19.

9.  Get tested before you come to the show for peace of mind.

10. All patrons/vendors/volunteer/exhibitors/staff MUST sign in upon entry using the Check In QLD App